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Dusky-Footed Woodrat
Neotoma fuscipes

The woodrat, also known as the packrat,  being nocturnal (active at night) is not often seen active.  But from time to time cats feel the need to demonstrate their hunting skills, even though they prefer the taste of commercial food.  They sometimes present their trophies their disgusted owners.

Wood Rat, Neotoma fuscipesThe dusky-footed woodrat is native to Southern California.  Like other wild  rodents, they may also carry human diseases.

Wood Rat, Neotoma fuscipesA key difference between the woodrats and the introduced rats is the  woodrat's white underside.

Wood Rat, Neotoma fuscipesThe car made funny noises as I was driving to work.  I expect it was a wood rat which to build its nest on top of the warm motor one night. After cleaning the engine againg, I parked the car on the street for a few days, until the rat seteled elsewhere.

Wood Rat, Neotoma fuscipesA different year a wood rat ate tangelos on my tree. Here are the remains of some left hanging. It also ate my tomatoes. So I was not unhappy to see the rat being eaten by a Cooper's hawk.

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