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snails and slugs

Most mollusks live in water, salt or fresh.  Not having a pond in my yard, I am only concerned with terrestrial (land living) mollusks.  If it has a shell, we call it a snail.  It it does not have a shell, we call it a slug.  All mollusks have soft, slimy bodies. (this makes them yuky to touch)  Because of their means of moving, they leave a trail of slime. (This makes dew wet grass yuky to bare feet in the morning.)  Most references to mollusks in the garden are concerned with those which are pests.  However, some snails actually prey on the pests.

Pick a mollusk:


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Most Flatworms are perisites.  Those of the class turbellaria (Planarians) are free living.  Most of them ane marine or aquatic.  However, some are terrestrial, that is they live on land.  They require a moist habitat, such as well watered gardens and lawns.  All planarians are predators.  But they must digest they prey outside of their bodies, which makes for messy feeding.  Planarians grow to a maximum size, then divide into two by pulling apart, each growing a replacement for its missing end.  If starved, they grow shorter as they use their own bodies for food.

Pick a planarian:


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