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Green-Spored Lepiota
Chlorophyllum molybdites

Green-Spored Lepiota, Chlorophyllum molybditesChlorophyllum molybdites is one of the larger mushrooms common in Southern California. Most of the mushroom fungus is hidden under ground in the from of many wide spread, microscopically thin threads. The mushroom we see is the fruiting body which produces spores, and distributes them to the wind.

Green-Spored Lepiota, Chlorophyllum molybditesAlthough the mycelium (the tangled thread like body of the fungus) may continue growing in the soil for many years, we are not likely to see it. When mature, a dense mass of the threads forms below the surface. When conditions are right, wet and humid, the mass expands upward rapidly as a button.

Green-Spored Lepiota, Chlorophyllum molybditesA day or so after the mushroom has expanded, we see that critters have been nibbling around the edges.

Green-Spored Lepiota, Chlorophyllum molybditesTurning the mushroom over we can see how the white gills have changed to greenish as the spores mature. Note the ring around the stipe (stem) where the edge of the cap was attached in the button stage.

Green-Spored Lepiota, Chlorophyllum molybditesHere is a size clue for these beautiful fungi.

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