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Black-Bodied Glass Snail
Oxychilus draparnaudi

Black-Bodied Glass Snail, Oxychilus draparnaudiFor years I had found shells like this one while working in the yard, most of then empty, before I saw one active.  Like so many animals in our gardens, the black-bodied glass snail was imported.  But, rather than being a pest, the glass snail eats the vegetarian snails and slugs.

Black-Bodied Glass Snail, Oxychilus draparnaudiThe large tentacles each have an eye on the end.  The very dark color of its body, and the flattened, shiny, translucent shell are key characteristics of this species.

Black-Bodied Glass Snail, Oxychilus draparnaudiFor a size clue, compare the snail to my finger nail.  This is still the only time I have seen this species active.  They are nocturnal, active at night.

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