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Golden Jelly Fungus
Tremella mesenterica

Golden Jelly Fungus, Tremella mesentericaOne day as I was up in my tangelo tree picking tangelos, I noticed this small yellow blob on a dead branch stub.  I discovered that it was a golden jelly fungus, also known as; yellow brain jelly fungus, yellow trembler, or witch's butter.

Golden Jelly Fungus, Tremella mesentericaThis closer look gives you a size clue.  It starts out more yellow, then turns orange with age.  Golden jelly fungus doesn't harm the tree, it is a parasite on another fungus, a species of the genus Peniophora which I have not yet been able to positively identify.

Golden Jelly Fungus, Tremella mesentericaHere is a look at the golden jelly through a magnifying glass.  The white part was probably bleached by rain.

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