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Valley Pocket Gopher
Thomomys bottae

Opossum, Didelphis marsupialis The pocket gopher is rarely seen out in the open, it spends almost all of its life underground.  This gopher was doing some house cleaning one morning when I walked by.

Valley pocket gopher, Thomomys bottae Here the gopher is stacking pebbles which had been cluttering its tunnel.

Valley pocket gopher, Thomomys bottaeAfter finishing its chore, the gopher seals the opening of the tunnel with a plug of soil.  Generally all the entrances of the tunnel system are closed like this.

Valley pocket gopher, Thomomys bottaeThis is the reason that gardeners have such a strong dislike for the cute, furry little gopher.  Not only do they relish vegetables and flowers, they can make a mess of a well tended lawn.

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