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Hentz's Orbweaver Spider
Neoscona crucifera

Hentz's Orbweaver Spider, Neoscona cruciferaThe Hentz's orbweaver spider can be quite annoying, they stretch their large orb webs across wide open spaces, like walks where you can walk into them in dim light.  But in good light when the web is easy to see, the large orb (stereotype circular web) web is beautiful in design and architecture.  This spider has stretched the main support line of her web across about 10 feet of open yard, and about 8 feet off the ground.  Now she is starting on secondary support lines.  It will be after dark when she finishes.

Hentz's Orbweaver Spider, Neoscona cruciferaBeing nocturnal, this spider has spent the night head down in the center of her orb between catches.  I was fortunate to get this picture early in the morning from a distance of only 2 meters.  This spider is easily spooked, and when I moved around to get a picture of her back she ran to her hiding place for the day.

Hentz's Orbweaver Spider, Neoscona cruciferaThis picture shows the whole orb portion of the web (it's easier to see in the larger image), the support lines go well beyond this view.  When prey is caught, the spider actually tears a hole in the web in the process of capture and eating or wrapping the meal for later.  So by counting the holes in the spiders web there are in the morning we can tell how successful her night's hunting was.

Hentz's Orbweaver Spider, Neoscona cruciferaHere we see the spider wrapping up a juicy catch.

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