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Labyrinth Orbweaver Spider
Metepeira labyrinthea

Labryrinth Orbweaver Spider, Metepeira labyrintheaHere a labyrinth orbweaver is working on her web. This spider built her web on my car, between the driver's side mirror and the window frame. "Labyrinth" refers to the tangle of web behind the orb, which holds the nest.

Labryrinth Orbweaver Spider, Metepeira labyrintheaThis is the view from the driver's seat. The spider replaces the spiral part of the web every two or three days. The nest is in the tangle of web behind the spiral orb. the spider is inside the nest, with two feet on the line leading to the center of the spiral, unlike Hentz's orbweaver, that usually sits in the center of its web. The Hent's orbweaver that built its web on this same mirror, made its web larger as it grew. When it got to big to fit on the car, the spider had to find another location. This labyrinth orbweaver seems content with the size of the web as it is.

Labryrinth Orbweaver Spider, Metepeira labyrintheaThe spider is expanding its nest. This shows the pattern on her back. At first, when I got up to 45 mph she would run down and hide under the blind spot mirror. Now she rides inside her nest.

Labryrinth Orbweaver Spider, Metepeira labyrintheaThis picture shows the ventral side of the spider. She posed in the center of her web just long enough for this picture, then went back into her nest. During the next night she rebuilt the spiral.

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