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Bold Jumping Spider
Phidippus audax

Bold Jumping Spider, Phidippus audax   One of my grand kids called my attention to this bold jumping spider, stalking an insect on a rock in my front garden.  This is one of the most common jumping spiders.  They sometimes bite humans, but it is not serious.

Bold Jumping Spider, Phidippus audax The white markings on the abdomen are key identifying characteristics.  The jumping spiders don't spin webs to capture prey, but stalk and pounce, like a lion.  They have very good eyesight.  My wife found this spider in the kitchen sink, and captured it under an overturned glass until I could take these pictures .

Bold Jumping Spider, Phidippus audaxHere's looking at you.  You can see the bright, metallic green of the chelicerae (jaws), and the four largest eyes, which are pointed forward.  The other eyes are on the sides of its head.  Yes, this spider is in a plastic container.  I always keep some available for this purpose.

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