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Scrambled-Egg Slime
Fuligo septica

Scrambled-Egg Slime,Fuligo septicaThis is a scrambled-egg slime which I found in a neighbor's yard.  It was bright yellow when it was fresh, early in the morning.  You can see how it got its common name.  The slime mold amoeba had climbed to the tops of the grass leaves.

Scrambled-Egg Slime,Fuligo septicaHere is the same specimen later the same day.  The fruiting body has matured, showing the mass of black spores.  Since it was attached to the tips of the grass, I collected it by clipping the grass underneath and lifting it whole.

Scrambled-Egg Slime,Fuligo septicaI was not the first to think it might be dog vomit when I saw the fruiting body of the scrambled-egg slime in my garden.  At first it was much larger, puffy white, and appeared like it might be liquid.  By the time I came back with my camera (several hours) it had shriveled to a hard, dry mass.  This shows a part of it, it broke easily.

Scrambled-Egg Slime,Fuligo septicaThis shows a part of it.  The surface is a thin layer whitish with some yellow.  The inside is filled with black spores.

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