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Nitrogen fixing bacterium
Sinorhizobium medicae

Sinorhizobium medicae is one of many species of nitrogen fixing bacteria. They  are able to take nitrogen from the air and combine "fix" it with other elements to make nitrogen compounds (fertilizer).  This makes the nitrogen available for plants and other organisms (like us).  Many legumes (plants of the pea family, Fabaceae ) associate with nitrogen fixing bacteria.  That is why some of these plants are used in crop rotation.

Nitrogen Fixing Bacterium, Sinorhizobium medicaeThis "weed" is burclover, Medicago polymorpha.  In its roots it provides an environment favorable to the  nitrogen fixing bacterium, Sinorhizobium medicae .

Nitrogen Fixing Bacterium, Sinorhizobium medicaeHere we can see the little lumps on the roots of  the  burclover.  Each contains a colony of bacteria,  Sinorhizobium medicae.

Nitrogen Fixing Bacterium, Sinorhizobium medicae This shows the details of root nodules.

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