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Split Porecrust
Schizopora paradoxa

Split Porecrust, Schizopora paradoxaSplit Porecrust, Schizopora paradoxa, likes the dark, damp bottom of my pile of fire wood.  The sporocarp, the part of the fungus that produces spores, is quite large but very thin and crust like.

Split Porecrust, Schizopora paradoxaChanging the lighting makes it easier to see the pore structure, and the relief of the fungus.

Here is another sporocarp of the same fungus.

Split Porecrust, Schizopora paradoxa The main part of the fungus is the mycelium, the non-reproductive growing part.  The white mass of this mycelium was in and between boards.  The sporocarp formed on an exposed end.

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